Beechwood kitchen board rounded 25.5x2cm / 10x1in
  • Beechwood kitchen board rounded 25.5x2cm / 10x1in

Beechwood kitchen board rounded 25.5x2cm / 10x1in

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Rounded kitchen cutting board with a gutter, made of beechwood (proved to contain enzymes able to destroy Salmonella bacteria).

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Rounded kitchen cutting board (25.5x2cm / 10x1in) made from natural, unbleached and untreated beech wood.

Perfect for cutting wet food thanks to the gutter will prevent spillage.

Round shape makes it a good cheese presentation board as well. 

Every board is cut in direction of wood rings from the chipped quarters of the tree. These utensils are made from one piece of wood, so they do not crack and wrap. They can be washed in a dishwasher.

Beechwood contains enzymes, which kill Salmonella bacteria.





Polyethylene foil (fully recyclable)

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Polyethylene the bad

Although ethylene can be produced from renewables, polyethylene is mainly made from petroleum or natural gas.

Naphtha is extracted from crude oil. Naphtha is another word for petroleum. By strongly heating up ("crack”) the naphtha, ethylene is released. In a factory, this ethylene is transformed into polyethylene.

One of the main problems of polyethylene is that without special treatment it is not readily biodegradable, and thus accumulates. However, successful experiments are conducted on biodegrading PE. See: Wikipedia.

Polyethylene, the good

Polyethylene is one of the most environment-friendly plastics, since:

  • It is an efficient raw material. Per year, not even one percent of the total crude oil and natural gas is used for the global production of polyethylene. 
    The manufacturing of polyethylene is relatively clean and efficient: the emission of harmful substances is minimal and there is hardly any waste. 
  • Polyethylene is extremely suitable for recycling. It is a thermoplastic material, which means that it can be melted unlimited times and new products can be made with it. At present, many carrier bags and bin bags are made from recycled polyethylene. 
  • If polyethylene is collected after use and cannot be processed again, it supplies high-quality fuel for power supply.

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