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Organic Bergamot Essential Oil (Citrus bergamia)

Botanical Name - Citrus bergamia
Caution - This oil contains bergapten and should not be used on skin for at least 12 hours before exposure to sunlight or sunbeds.
Storage - Store oil in cool, dark area to keep fresh.
Aroma - Sweet, citrusy and fragrant
Extraction - Cold expression
Part of Plant - Peel of the fruit
Plant Description - The tree can grow up to four meters high, with star-shaped flowers, and smooth leaves, bearing citrus fruit resembling a cross between an orange and a grapefruit, but in a pear-shape. The fruit ripens from green to yellow.
Colour - From green to yellow to clear
Country of Origin - Italy
Chemical Constituents - D-limonene, linalol, linalyl acetate
Uses - Refreshing, immune supporting, antiseptic and digestive. Useful in skincare and perfumery. Uplifting, anti-depressant, self empowering, supports confidence, aids in self expression.

Organic Cardamom Essential Oil (Elettaria cardamomum)

Botanical Name - Elettaria cardamomum
Aroma - Sweet, spicy and clearing
Extracted - Steam distillation
Part of Plant - Dried ripe seeds
Country of Origin - Sri Lanka
Chemical Constituents - 1,8 cineol, terpinene, limonenel
Description - A perennial, reed-like herb, Cardamom grows wild and is cultivated in India and Sri Lanka. It grows up to 4 metres (13 feet) and has long, green silky blades, small yellow flowers, with a violet tip and a large fleshy rhizome, similar to ginger. Oblong grey fruits follow the flowers, each containing many seeds.
Uses - Supports the digestive system, especially the stomach, helping with breaking down and absorption. It is listed in the British Herbal Pharmacopoeia as a 'specific' for flatulence and dyspepsia. There is some evidence that it helps increase bile production and therefore is useful for the absorption of fats. Clears mental fatigue. Sweetens the breath.

Organic Frankincense Essential Oil (Boswellia carterii)

Botanical Name - Boswellia carterii
Aroma - Rich balsamic, slightly warmer than Boswellia neglecta
Extraction - By slashing the bark of the tree, a sticky fragrant resin is produced, from which the frankincense oil is steam distilled.
Part of Plant - Resin
Country of Origin - Somalia
Description - The Frankincense tree is a scraggly, but hardy tree which originates from Oman and the Middle East.
Chemical Constituents - A-pinene, limonene, b-myrcene
Uses - Excellent for dry and mature skins due to its healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Can also be used on oily skins in small quantities due to its natural astringency and after sun exposure. Helpful for clearing the lungs and toning mucus membranes. It supports deep, gentle breathing which helps to calm and clear the mind making Frankincense one of the best oils for meditation. The properties are much the same as Boswellia neglecta.

Organic Juniper Berry Essential Oil (Juniperus communis)

Botanical Name - Juniperus communis
Caution - *Avoid in pregnancy
Aroma - Clean, fresh and herbal
Extraction - Steam distillation
Part of Plant - Berry
Country of Origin - Croatia / Albania
Chemical Constituents - A-pinene, b-myrcene, sabinene, sesquiterpenes
Traditional Uses - Cleansing, detoxifying and calming. Can help balance and strengthen the nervous system. Helpful for fluid retention and supporting the urinary system. Has a long history of use in helping to eliminate build up in the joints in cases of gout and arthritis.


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Producer's Code of Ethics

  • No ingredients are tested on animals, in agreement with the ‘Cosmetic Industry Coalition for Animal Welfare’ CICAW cut off date of 1976. This is the strictest guidelines on animal testing in the UK. STATING: No ingredients which have been tested on animals since 1976 can be used in any product. This is in contrast to other standards used in the UK which say no ingredients can be used which have been tested on animals for 2 or 4 years only - allowing companies to test their products on animals wait 2 years and then sell them saying " Have not been tested on animals’. Look for the Compassion/Truth logo 1976 on products.
  • All products are biodegradable and contain nothing harmful to humans or the environment.
  • All products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
  • All ingredients are fully listed on the label so you can make an informed choice.
  • Highest quality ingredients are used. Most ingredients are organic or wild grown.
  • All glass bottles are made from recycled glass or are recyclable.
  • All packaging, brochures and cards are printed on 100% recycled paper.
  • NHR remedies contain no preservatives, no colouring, no emulsifiers, no solubilizer.
  • Only pure natural ingredients!
  • We aim to give our customers the highest quality service, and good value at all times.

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