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Guilt-Free Glitter - Atlantis
  • Guilt-Free Glitter - Atlantis
  • Guilt-Free Glitter - Atlantis
  • Guilt-Free Glitter - Atlantis
  • Guilt-Free Glitter - Atlantis

Guilt-Free Glitter - Atlantis

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Water, water everywhere. Calling all mermaids and mermen... This ocean-inspired glitter mix takes its colour cues from the mystical undersea ...


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Coming directly from our partners: glitterrevolution, we have the pleasure to present the best eco-friendly solution to your party makeup

  • marine & waste water biodegradable
  • contains no genetically-modified ingredients
  • made from all renewable sourced raw materials
  • has been certified 100% home compostable

Net weight 1/5 oz. (6 grams)

Note that containers will not appear full. The pots are designed to be filled to half the maximum capacity in order to reduce loss from spillage. Plus, the contents usually settle a bit during transport.


Cellulose, Glycerin, Aqua, Urea, and Styrene/Acrylate copolymer (trace). May contain pigments (<3%): D & C Red 7, Yellow 3, Black 7, White 6, Blue 15, Aluminum


There is a European (EN13432) and an American (ASTM D6400) standard which define the tests required to demonstrate the compostability of a material. These tests include requirements for material characterization (including heavy metals), biodegradation, disintegration, and ecotoxicity. The biodegradable film used in our products is certified to both EN13432 and ASTM D6400 norms. It is also certified by AIB Vinçotte for home compostability according to the OK Compost Home standard.


If it's not plastic, what is it made from?

Made with a plant-based base film (cellulose) that is safe for your face and safe for the environment.

What is the difference between cosmetic glitter and craft glitter?

Our glitter mixes are designed to be safe for your face which means they contain cosmetic-grade glitter. Cosmetic glitter is higher quality, manufactured with stricter standards for cleanliness, and finer than craft glitter, meaning the particles are smaller.

How do I get my sparkle on?

To keep the glitter fresh, our products are packaged as loose glitter. That means when you are ready to get your sparkle on, you will need an adhesive medium to keep it in place. Any cream/gel-based face and body products can be used as a medium: your moisturizer, sunscreen or lip balm, an organic facial oil (we love jojoba oil and coconut oil!), or aloe vera gel. Apply the medium directly to your skin and press glitter over the top with your fingers. For broad application, use a round brush. For precision, use a flat brush.

How do I get those sparkles gone?

Dab some oil or oil-based makeup remover on a cotton round or tissue to remove glitter. When removing glitter from your face, swipe out and away from your eyes. Use a fresh side, or fresh round, for each swipe until the glitter is gone. If you have glitter stuck between your eyelashes, use a Q-tip dipped in oil or remover to get rid of it.

Two recommendations: no matter what, don't rub your face while wearing it because that might rub glitter into your eyes (ouch!). And, make sure to remove it completely before you go to bed.

What if I accidentally get glitter in my eye?

When applying glitter to your face, keep it above the eyebrow and along the cheekbone for the smallest possible risk of getting it in your eyes. If you feel something scratchy in your eyes – this applies to everything, not just glitter – DON’T RUB. Use eye drops and irrigate the eye to rinse it out. If the irritation persists, go see your doctor (preferably an ophthalmologist).

From the creators

GLITTEREVOLUTION is a conscious business. We believe that organizations - like living organisms - exist for a purpose... Our mission is to Spread Joy... Sustainably.

see more at: https://glitterevolution.com


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