About us

Our mission

Zerowaste Market is a joint action of two energetic ladies who are interested in the environment, are both mothers and love sensible shopping!

Once you decide you need to change your life and want to get basic supplies on a daily basis, you quickly realise how hard it is to become genuinely environmentally friendly. We used to switch between shops, suppliers and markets and still didn't manage to get all we wanted.
And we are working, busy mothers, who don't have time for it all.

That's how an idea for this shop was born. We hope to grow and help a broader group of people to fulfil their eco-conscious goals! 

Our Ethics:

  • Top quality, well-vetted products
  • 100% eco-friendly merchandise
  • Entirely zero waste packaging
  • Clear description
  • Sustainable resources
  • Animal and Forest friendly
  • Local suppliers where possible
  • Carbon-neutral delivery


Our founders

Marta & Barbara

As an architect and urbanist, Marta has always been at the heart of modern design and helped shift it towards more eco-friendly materials. She particularly loves garden roofs.

Barbara always loved vintage, is active in freecycle, freegle and street bank. Has started 0waste.life blog in March 2016 to help raise awareness of the zerowaste movement. 


Imagine a place where even packaging you get is fully recyclable or compostable. An online shop where you don't have to worry that packaging will be full of plastic film or bubble wrap because everything will be delivered to you in recycled paper boxes taped with recycled tapes and filled with eco-friendly fillers if ever. A place where you can get all of the good old things you already are using and know alongside some new and exciting ideas for upcycling, re-using, and crafting.

Do you see it? Yes! it is our shop. Welcome, and thank you for dropping by!

our packaging